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POST memory test in uboot 2011.09

Question asked by dpenev on Nov 4, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2011 by Aaronwu

Hi guys,


We have a custom board similar to bf537-stamp. I have decided to test the memory POST.

In the uboot 2011.09 I see two memory post procedures.

One defined in board/bf537-stamp/post-memory.c and another one in /post/drivers/memory.c

Which one is going to be supported long term?


I would like to use the one testing the memory connection issues rather the PCB layout so I think the memory POST in /post/drivers/memory.c

is the one I need.I gave it a try. On our board however the 'POST_SLOWTEST' version is crashing

ck! Something bad happened to the Blackfin!
... (I can copy the whole log if necesery)

The 'POST_NORMAL' version is passing each time.
The standard memtest in u-boot is runing on our hardware properly for hours as well.

Does the full memory POST (POST_SLOWTEST) pass on bf537-stamp?

Is there a way to control the memory POST from hardware button, without having to patch /post/post.c?


Thank you