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Help with Sigma Studios Parameter Update block

Question asked by concealedwmd on Oct 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by DaveThib

I am using Sigma Studios 3.14 to program an ADAU1761. I am trying to use the output of a Look Up Table (w/ min and max) going into a Parameter Update block to control the threshold parameter of a Voice Activity Detector Flag. However, I'm not able to achieve the results I'm expecting using this method. The Parameter Update block seems to affect the signal before and after the VAD (it attenuates it), even though all it should be doing is controlling the threshold at which the VAD goes high. The index to the LUT is selected with a 28.0 DC source block, and the values at each index in the LUT are negative dB values in 5.23 format. The LUT block is set to integer input and fractional output. When the dB checkbox in the table view is checked, the 16 values I defined go from -96 to -9 dB  in nonlinear increments to feed into the VAD. Am I missing something with the way these blocks work? Is the format for the input and output values for the respective algorithms wrong? What could be the problem here?