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Choice of HDMI receiver

Question asked by Dean1066 on Nov 4, 2011



My company is developing a product which requires a 4-input v1.3 HDMI receiver. I trying to weigh up the pros & cons of either having a single HDMI RX chip plus a 4:1 HDMI switch or a fully integrated chip which includes the 4:1 mux.


From what i can see my choices from Analog Devices are either:


1. ADV7611 + ADV3002 (or AD8197B)

2. ADV7614


I have a couple of questions.


What is the difference between ADV3002 & AD8197B?

Which solution provides the best overall  system cost in terms of mopping up external components such as ESD protection & voltage level shifting of the DDC lines?


Thank you


Dean Chappell