Question about DC2209 and DC2026

Hi All,

Before building up my temperature measurement system (PC--DC2026--DC2209--DC2212) , I have a couple of questions. Please take care of this case.

Q1 and Q2 : Please refer to the attachment.

Q3: Are there any settings and/or adjustments to LTC2983 before temperature measurement?

Q4: I'm going to start our trial production if the demo system works well. In that case you can provide any helpful software?



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  • Hi Kazu, 


     Test results can be captured in a CSV file using the GUI by selecting Evaluate -> Run and Save Output

    You will be prompted for a location to save the csv file. 

    The LTC2983 has a fixed ODR for line frequency rejection. The only way to speed up this part is to use more than one - two LTC2986's should be able to do the 12ch in 1s. Alternatively you may want to look at the AD7124 - it has a few more filter options that can still provide 50/60Hz rejection at faster ODRs, but you'll need to do the sensor linearization in the host microcontroller.

    Not sure what is meant by bootloader here?

    The modulator will reset each conversion after a single-event upset. The analog inputs can sink up to 15mA continuously so over-voltage protection can be done with a current limiting resistor along with a low-leakage TVS or similar.


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