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AD7405-1 no ack on second Byte..

Hi All,


I'm using a AD7415-1 (I2C interface) and the timing it at 5usec or 200KHz clock.

After power up (aprox 1second) I'm not able to setup the AD7415-1 correctly.


Following the datasheet information I'm starting by seting up the Configuration Register using the message type shown on Figure11 of the datasheet.


I first Write the Serial Bus Address Byte(0xFA), followed by the Address Pointer Register (0x00) followed by the Cofiguration Register Address (0x42).

Is the above setting correct? especially the second byte..


The AD7415-1 acknoledges only the first byte (0xFA) but NOT the second one (0x00)..


Assuming the order 0xFA,0x00,0x42 is correct.. Am I missing something fundamental..?


Any help would be much appreciated.





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