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ADT7408 data sheet clarification

In the data sheet for the ADT7408 (, Table 10 (page 15) shows some examples of temperatures for various hex/binary values. One of these examples is for the following:

Binary:     1 1110 0110 1111

Hex:     0xE6F

Temperature:     −25°C

Shouldn't the temperature for that hex value be −25.0625°C? The corresponding hex value for −25°C would instead be 0xE70?

0xFFF and 0xE6F are 400 codes apart, which at 0.0625°C per LSB equates to 25°C apart. 25°C from −0.0625°C (0xFFF) would get us to 0xE6F (−25.0625°C).

Is the table incorrect or am I looking at this wrong? The other values all seem to make sense to me.