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Potting the AD22100

Hi All,

To pot AD22100's in brass wells.

What would be a good technique?

What would be a good potting compound?



Festus : )_~

  • Hi, 

    The datasheet states that "In wet or corrosive environments, an electrically isolated metal or ceramic well should be used to shield the AD22100." We don't have anything more specific than this. Can you share what your application is for the AD22100?



  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for responding.

    Yes, We've read the datasheet ... Thank you.

    I really don't know what to say without seeming like a smart alec ...

    The desires to pot them into brass wells pretty much explains their use ... Fluid temperature!

    They are going to be used in a hostile environment therefore need protection of the brass well, to also include mounting options. ie: NTP threaded wells, O-ringed wells, Clamp wells, etc... etc...

    We have a sample of a ceramic potting compound on the way, guess we'll find out how that's going work out here in a week or so.

    Just something we are trying out, hoping for some advice from others that may have ventured down this road.

    Live to learn!


    Festus : )_~

  • Thank you for sharing your application. I don't have experience or data on potting the AD22100. We have a probe but its based on the AD590 for liquid and gaseous immersion applications with some details on its composition. The AC2626 is a stainless steel probe filled with thermally conductive epoxy.



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