Readout of ADT7310 register works only once after reset

I Try to understand the working of ADT7310, but i often get confusing situations communicationg the device via SPI.

The diagramms of the datasheet figures sem somtimes to be in contradidaction with the written description, or ar may not clearly enough drawn. To figure out what the IC does i proggramen different situations to get a glue whats going on.

For this question i perform following communication on SPI.

Serial interface reset

Write $10 to configuration register

Readout configuration register

Readout configuration register

As you see at attatched captured date from a logic analyzer the first reaout gets as expected the $10 value og configuration register, but at the second time it reads out $00 instead of the expectet $10..


I found out that this occurence seems to be influected bye electrical conditions.. may i have concerns whit the chip slect lines.

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