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Low-pass filtered data

Category: Hardware
Product Number: MAX30009


We address an issue encountered while working with the MAX30009. We have observed an unexpected low-pass filter effect on our measurements, which significantly impacts our application. This anomaly necessitates a thorough investigation to understand its origin and to develop a solution that ensures the reliability of our biosignal data.

Despite thorough verification and configuration according to the documentation, including setting filters in BIOZ_CFG_2 (0x21) to bypass and testing parameters like BIOZ_CH_FSEL and BIOZ_INA_CHOP_EN, the issue persists around 50 kHz.

Could you please assist us in identifying potential causes or provide further insights into the high-frequency performance and settings of the MAX30009 that might help resolve this issue?

We are prepared to share detailed data and test results to facilitate this process in private.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,