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Change address of AD7415 after power-up / dynamic I²C address

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7415

The AD7415 can have 3 different I²C addresses depending of state of AS pin (unconnected, GND, VCC)

Can I change state of AS pin and I²C address after device has powered-up?

I´d like to have many AD7415 on the same I²C line, and use multiplexer (74LS138), so that only one AD7415 has AS pin LOW, while all the others would have AS pin HIGH, and then use address 0x4A (AS pin LOW)

Unfortunately there is no answer in this thread: 

Thank you

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  • HI  ,

    We wouldn't recommend doing this, as the part wasn't designed to operate this way. Trying this configuration could work, but there is no guarantee. 

    I'd also like to add that although…