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Need clarification on product

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTK001

I am using a thermocouple in my system. While designing the circuit I prefer the analog devices LTK001 cold junction compensator IC. In data sheet you have mentioned as LT1025 as a cold junction compensator and LTKA0x as amplifier, but another option LTK001 amplifier plus compensator is also mentioned. I would like to know the difference between LTK001, LT1025 and LTKA0x. 

What is this three IC, how to use it and in which combination I should purchase?

If I am using LTK001 IC, do I need to connect LTKA0x amplifier also ? 



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  • Hi  ,

    You can think of LTK001 as a special version of LT1025. They are both cold junction compensators, but the LTK001 is specially designed to be matched to a compatible version of the LTKA0x amplifier…