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LTC2984 fault


I am FAE in Japanese distoributor.

Our customer evaluates LTC2984 using Thermistor and fond  D[31:24]=0 sometimes.

Could you advice some of the causes?

Best regards


  • Hi N. Kokubo,

    Can you confirm if the sensors were correctly configured in the part? Can you provide the setup conditions and schematics used by the customer? What application they are planning to do here?



  • Hi Marymae san

    I confirmed our customer’s register setting and schematics.

    LTC2984 connected to 6 thermistors and 1 shared Rsense like figure33.

    If you inform e-mail address, I can send our customer’s schematics.

    The register setting is followings:

    The register address 0x0F0, 0x0F5, 0x0F6, 0x0F7 and 0xFF are not written the data.

    The first address of CH8 is 0xE8, the second address is 0xBB, third address is 0x80 and forth address is 0x00.

    The CH10,CH12,CH14,CH16,CH18 and CH20 are same.

    The fist address is 0xB2 ,the second address is 0x16, the third address is 0x00 and the forth address is 0x00.

    Please see attached register setting excel.


     LTC2984 was measured on a per channel basis by B[4:0] of the address 0x0000.

    CPU checks Interrupt pin by 100ms then CPU reads the conversion result after Interrupt pin is H.

    CPU found the abnormal conversion result  D[31:24]=0 or Interrupt pin L period is over 500ms.

    The abnormal was found once in a few hundred times.

    Could you advice some of the causes?

    Bes t regards