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Which pin of the ADT7422 can transfer the most heat?

1. adt7410 is marked "GND pin transfers the most heat", but ADT7422 is not marked. can you know which pin can transfer the most heat?

2.The following contents are marked in the manual of ADT7422. my understanding is that when designing the chip, it is necessary to avoid the heat dissipation of the chip from affecting the heat source to be measured, so there should be specific points for attention in PCB design. is there a more detailed explanation for this? thank you!

  • Hi Jack,

    My apologies for the late response. The heat is transferred through the pins of the device, most of the heat transfer is through the exposed pad (EPAD), on the underside of the package. To ensure correct operation, either leave the exposed pad floating or connect the exposed pad to ground. To get the best thermal contact you must connect the EPAD to the object being measured.