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TMP36GT9Z Affected by RF

I am using a few TMP36GT9Z sensors for a project, and have noticed some weird behavior that they exhibit in the presence of RF energy. The sensor readings look nominal under normal conditions. But when I transmit with a Walkie Talkie near the device, the reading start fluctuating like crazy. This happens when I transmit within about a 10 foot radius of the device. I am using an external ADC to measure the signal voltage. The same ADC has other channels which are being used to read different types of sensors, and those readings are all normal in the presence of RF energy, so I don't think its an issue on the ADC side. The Walkie Talkies are transmitting with 0.5 Watts of power on the 70 cm band (~440 MHz). Has anyone seen this phenomenon before?

I've attached a picture of the data during a transmission. The readings look normal during no transmission (~30 degC), but then go crazy during a transmission.