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LTSketchbook of LTC2986-1

 According to the c code of LTSketchbook, we can communicate with the linduino and LTC2986-1 via com port of Arduino IDE. And I can get all of the temperature data.   

But when I load the specified program into linduino, I can not get the temperature information on the com port. I think the function " measure_channel " in the loop of arduino IDE has some problems. So I  replace the parameter "CHIP_SELECT" with "1" in function " measure_channel ", then the loop works, but I can not get the temperature. Some pictures are attached below. I wonder how to solve this problem. I just want to print the temperature on the com port.


  • Hi  ,

    I would suggest trying to get data from the Demo Software of the LTC2986-1 first. Check that your configuration is valid using the "Check configuration" button. After verifying that your configuration is valid, proceed to run the demo software and check to see if you're able to see the printed results. 

    If the demo software works and the c code still doesn't, please follow up here so I may assist you in determining where the problem lies.