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DC2026 Driver issue

I installed QuikEval software and downloaded all the latest driver. However, the DC2026 board is not getting recognized. 



  • Hi, B.
    Apologies for missing this. Can you share a screenshot of what happened? Also what daughter board do you intend to use with the Linduino?



  • Hi  , 

    I would suggest determining if the DC590 emulator sketch is flashed in your lunduino (DC2026 board). To do this, open a serial monitor and reset the linduino.

    A "hello" message should be displayed in the window, this means that the DC590 emulator sketch is flashed. If the message is missing, this means that the sketch is not flashed to your linduino.

    If this is the case, please follow the steps in the Setup section of this link and install the linduino sketchbook and the Arduino IDE, and flash the DC590 emulator sketch. Once LTSketchbook is installed, you can do this by opening the Arduino IDE, and going to File > Sketchbook > Utilities > DC590B.

    Just verify and upload the sketch to your linduino, and QuikEval program should then recognize your board. 

    Hope this helps.