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I am using the LTC2983 to make temperature measurements using RTD sensors.  I have noticed that for an identical setup, the results of temperature or resistance for 3-wire configuration appear to be inherently more variable (noisy) than the equivalent 4-wire measurement.  Is this to be expected from a 3-wire measurement using the chip and if so do you know why that would be the case?


  • Hi  ,

    3-wire RTDs are inherently noisier than 4-wire RTDs. 3-wire RTDs assume that the resistances of all the lead wires are equal, therefore any mismatch in the resistance of the lead wires leads to error. 4-wire RTDs on the other hand uses the current-potential method, which eliminates the error caused by the resistances of the lead wires. 

    I hope I was able to answer your question.