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ADT7320 16-bit results


I'm using ADT7320, but can't get 16-bit results of measurement.

After power on, I boot 32 consecutive 1s. Then I load to the configuration register value 0x80. After 260ms I read the result, but in all cases I only get a 13-bit result. I tried heating and cooling, but the discrete change of the temperature was 0.0625 °C.

The ADT7320 is located on a separate board connected to the main board with a cable.

Regards, Alex

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  • Hi, 

    Apologies for the delayed response. Did you also try steps 2 and 3 of the quick guide detailed in page 22 of the datasheet to confirm powerup register contents match Table 6? 

    Can you also share how you heat and cool the board to observe the change? Do you have some scope shots of the interface when reading the temperature? What else is on the board the ADT7320 - is it an eval board or a custom board?