LTC2984 Thermocouple Channel Measurement


Based on LTC2984 datasheet/user guide, I saw that a Thermocouple measurement channel natively reports the results in °C sau °F (RAM start address 0x010).

But for the same Thermocouple measurement channel (involving also Cold Junction compensation) and using custom HW design, I'm interested to directly obtain also the results in "mV", without using a Direct ADC channel.

It is possible?

In addition, for the Thermocouple extension board(DC2212A), I saw inside the Linduino One libraries(I think used also by QuikEval Demo application), that the mV results are also read from a Reserved area of RAM(start address 0x060). Can you confirm it is working and if yes, can I receive a detailed description for this reserved area?    




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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 8, 2020 4:59 PM 4 months ago


        If you haven't already, please download the evaluation software for the LTC2984. That software can generate an example Linduino (arduino sketch) code that will show how to read the raw results (mV for diodes and thermocouples, Ohms for thermistors and RTDs).

        The code will also show helper functions to correctly parse the raw result values. This is the best documentation for the raw result registers. 

    Hope it helps,