Temp. Sensing & Cutoff


We are designing the system where we want to Sense the Temperature and Based on the same we want to cut off the Power of the System and once it reaches to certain level want to resume the power again.

For Example

We have P-channel Mosfet which is controlled by our Microcontroller on the Board. The Source is connected to the 5V Supply.(See Below Image, PWM_W is Coming from My Micro, VCC5V0_USB is the supply which we want to Control and W1 and W2 is connected to the Load ) Now we want to Turn-on and Turn-ff the power supply (VCC5V0_USB)  of the Mosfet using Temperature as mentioned below

1. Continuously Read the Temp. and Let's say if Temp. Reaches Between 54-56 Degree C, then Shut off the Power Supply of the Mosfet which is VCC5V0_USB.

2. Once it gets cool down to 40-42 Degree C, then turn on the Power Supply of the Mosfet which is VCC5V0_USB.

We want through Various datasheet and Thinking to use the TMP01 or AD22105. Please suggest how we can use them in the above-mentioned configuration. Or Suggest any other IC/Part which is more suitable for such kind of application.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 17, 2020 11:38 AM 1 month ago


    I think the TMP01 can be used for what you need as it has both over- and under- temperature trip points that you can use to control your supply. The trip points are resistor - set and the datasheet goes through the process of selecting your resistor values based on your required trip points. You might also want to check the ADT7420 or ADT7320, which have I2C and SPI interfaces respectively. These have critical overtemperature, and over/undertemperature functions.