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micro controller interfacing


     Can i interface LTC 2984 with Arduino due board or other micro controller like atsam3x8e , PIC18f252 ?

    • Yes, for a quick start please download the Demonstration Software from the product page here:

      The GUI has an option to generate Linduino C-code which is largely compatible with an Arduino UNO. There are a few references to the LTSketchbook for things like Linduino SPI calls, but these should be easily replaceable with SPI.transfer() etc from the standard Arduino library. 

      The C-code generated will be useful for helper functions to configure the channels, read results, etc. It has a number of defines in header files to make the code more readable. 

      Beyond that, the hardware should be very simple - it is a standard SPI interface. You can look at the DC2399A (LTC2984 demo board) and DC2026C (Linduino) demo board schematics for details on the SPI interface wiring. You can easily connect the DC2399A to an Arduino via jumper wires to get started.

      Let me know if there are any questions,