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Question of ADATE209

Hi Sir,

1.According to ADATE209 datasheet Figure 13 CLC Disable and Enable, Showed CLC Enabled sign-wave amplitude small than Disabled, which result different than others.Is that correctly?

2. I can’t understand the Figure 14 chart, Are DROUT1 and DROUT2 differential output waveform? 

3. Since I still not clear VH/VL/VT performance, I would like to simulate ADATE209’s conduct before evaluate the demo board.

Could you help me to check the result as blow chart?

Condition: VH1=VH2=3V, VL1=VL2=2V, VT1=VT2=1V, TERM1=2V, DROUT will be amplitude VH – VL =1V. Vcom will equal to VT=1V.

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