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ADN8831 TEC controller application


I am currently trying to use ADN8831 TEC Controller to drive a Peltier module.

I undertand it implements a full-bridge in order to provide both cooling and heating current directions but in my case, I only need to cool down a surface so,

is it possible to bypass the linear half-bridge to ground or VDD? Would it be a problem for the LFB pin to be grounded or at VDD?

Thank you in advance,

Manuel Germano.

  • Hi Manuel,

    Good day! I hope you are doing good. I am an applications engineer and I hope I can help you out with your problem.

    When cooling a surface for a duration of time, there will come to a point that it will exceed (but not excessively) the target cooling temp. That is the time that the heating current will take place. Yes, making the LFB pin shorted to ground is considered unsafe. Let's just imagine that the scenario I am talking about takes place and the LFB output will now dominate and it is connected to ground. Then you will have a problem.

    If you still want to use ONLY the cooling current, what I can recommend you, is use a diode in series with the TEC module blocking the heating current. This will block the heating current and only allows the cooling current. This solution has been adopted by other customers and find it working. Just observe the proper rating of the diode that you will be using. 


    Best regards,


  • Thank you for your answer!