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Maximum Pass Voltage on the ADG324x bus switches

Can you please explain the meaning of the "Maximum Pass Voltage" specification listed in the datasheet for the ADG324x bus switches?

  • The maximum pass voltage specification on the ADG324x family of bus switches represents the maximum voltage that can be passed though the device with some attenuation due to the ON resistance of the channel depending on the load current.

    If the signal applied to the switch pins (for example A) exceeds this value, the output voltage (at pin B) will be clamped to the maximum pass voltage value.

    This specification is only valid when the bus switch is in the ON state and applies to both switch pins (when the voltage applied to pin A exceeds the specification, the voltage on pin B gets clamped and vice versa).

  • Hi , 

    Could you please let me know if the  Vp specification is going to change along with the change in VCC . 

    Vp Spec specifies only at a particular Vcc if so then most of the devices with 1.8 has a margin of +/- 0.3V. 

    Please let me know if you have the details with regards to Max/Min for Max/Min VCC .

    Thanking you 

    With best regards and wishes