Dealing with ADG1604 Crosstalk

My design uses ADG1604 to switch between four audio inputs, then the result goes to another ADG1604 in the opposite direction to select from four audio outputs. The issue I am facing is that when there is an input on channel 1, say an iPod, that is actively playing music, but nothing connected on channel 2, and channel 2 is selected, I can hear a faint version of channel 1 input.

All the grounds of the inputs and outputs are connected to the overall system ground. Is there any method to reduce this crosstalk?

  • Hi Evan,

    Can you please send me a drawing or schematic of your circuit to make sure I understand what you are trying to do?

    To guarantee operation within the datasheet specifications the signals applied to the switch analog pins (, S1-S4, D) must be within the analog signal range specified in the datasheet (VSS to VDD). If the signal exceeds this range, the switch may not be fully off and allow the signal to leak though the switch.

    A typical example is when the switch uses a single supply voltage and the audio signal is AC coupled to the S or D pins. In this case, the signal is centered on 0V and the negative side of the signal may leak through and can be heard on other channels degrading the crosstalk.



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