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ADG419 input voltage of logic control input

I have a question to the maximum input voltage of the logic power supply VL and the logic control input IN. In the test circuit diagrams shown in the datasheet, the logic power supply is set to 5V and the logic control input is conntected to 0V or 3V. In my application the supply voltage is VDD=15V and VSS=-15V. Is it possible to connect VL to VDD and IN to 0V/VDD? Looking at the absolute maximum ratings this should work.

Do you see any problemes arising from this wiring scheme?

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  • Hi Steffen,

    You are correct in your assumption below. VL is the supply for the internal digital logic. The voltage applied to this pin sets up the digital input threshold levels, ensuring TTL/CMOS compatibility when 5V is applied to VL.

    The datasheet spec tables show preformance for VL = 5V but it is possible to connect VL to VDD and toggle VIN between 0V/VDD without any issue.



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