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Spice model for ADG1611 (quad SPST) ?

I'm thinking of using ADG1611 (quad SPST with low Ron of about 1 Ohm) in a design.

I could not find the Spice model for ADG1611 in the ADI_All_Spice_Models Spice bundle. However, I could locate the model for ADG1211 (another quad SPST with Ron ~= 120 Ohm) and tried it briefly as a poor man's substitute, only to find that the ADG1211 spice model appears being simulated with an Ron running into KOhms, which is higher than the ADG1211 spec itself. So even the dc transfer function would be pretty inaccurate (apart from the capacitances being different which I could have lived with).

Can I get a Spice model for ADG1611 ?


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