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ADG 419: Analog and Digital supply ?

Hello everybody,

I'm studying a new electronic sensor applications. I would use the ADG419 to switch analog signals. The ADG419 will be control by a µC.

Vsupply µC Digital : +3.3V to GND

Vsupply Analog: +5V;-5V;AGND

I would know if my schematic (see the attached file) is correct. In order to delete the noise because of the digital supply (µC), I would to separate the analog and digital supply.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards.

  • Hi,

    Separating the analog and digital supply as attached looks fine. 

    One point to note, to ensure correct operation your Vdd supply should come up before your Vl supply.  This is to ensure you do not violate the max ratings of the part



    L to GND

    −0.3 V to V

    DD + 0.3 V

    One way to ensure this is to power both Vdd and Vl from same 5V supply.