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AD8184 Crosspoint failure

I've used the AD8184ARZ for years now.  The device it's used in, is a simple Video Audio 4x1 switcher.  About a year ago a customer started complaining abou the AD8184 failing on input 1.  I suspect static zapping the input as video is plugged in.  I've attached a partial schematic.  The AD8184 is powered by +-5V, The control lines are TTL from a Microcontroller.   The enable (EN) is set low (always enabled) via the Micro.

The customer installed these in an automated Set-Top Box (Cable Receivers) test bed.  They plug in these STB's and verify video through screen captures, ect.  The problem is out of 100 4x1 switchers, and 1000 STB's tested, about a half dozen 4x1 switches will fail every month.  Replacing the IC's is becoming a serious problem.  I've verified the video sources plugged in are "Standard"  That is 1V-p Video at 0VDC, Clamped Video (.2VDC), and Computer based Composite video (0.6VDC)

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