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I am having a problem with an analog switch that we get from MAXIM.  I would like to replace it with an ADG4612 or ADG1611 it will

run from +6V to GND the signal inputs are less than 5V in a DC circuit.  I have attached the circuit for reference.  Any suggestions that

you might have would be appreciated.  The circuit selects between 1 or 10 uA of output current by bypassing the resistor with an analog

switch.  I was leaning toward the ADG4612 because the data sheet states that it has no power sequencing requirements.

thanks for your help.


  • Hi Kirk,

    What problems did you have with circuit?

    If you have scenario whereby signals can be present at the analog inputs before power is present, then the ADG4612 is a good solution.  The ADG4612 will behave like a high impedace input without power and switch will remain off ensuring no current flow .  With 6V supply the ADG4612 will have 8ohms Ron typically.



  • Thanks for the help The ADG1612 has much lower leakage currents will this

    also be a good choice for the application.


    On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 11:15 AM, theresaC <

  • Hi,

    From a performance viewpoint, the ADG1611 has lower leakage than the ADG4612.

    However, the ADG4612 offers additional benefits in terms of being guaranteed Off without power so it really comes down to how the part will be used in system.

    If you can guarantee that part is powered prior to analog inputs being applied and that there is no over-voltage condition, then the ADG1612 should work fine.