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ADG408 Supply Current and Datasheet

With my senior design group, we chose the ADG408 for use in a low power application. We have been prototyping the parts to make sure they are what we need and it seems everything is good except for the "Power Requirements" of this device. If it means anything, we are using the 16 SOIC package.

The datasheet specifies that for Idd, 1uA is the typical current draw with 5uA being the max. Using multiple ammeters, we have found the values to be near 20uA for the few devices that we have.

To get these results, we have connected GND and EN to a common ground, Vdd to a +15V supply and Vss to a -15V supply. Every other pin is left disconnected.

Connecting as single supply the results were a little closer to the datasheet; we got a 14uA draw.

Are we going about this the wrong way to measure the current draw or is the datasheet incorrect?

  • Hi shocker2013,

    You mention that En is tied to ground and that the other digital pins and source/drain pins are disconnected If these are floating it could be affecting the Idd as if the part is in an indeterminate state the switch channels could be toggling on and off adding to the Idd measurement.

    For the Idd specification from the datasheet all source and drain pins are connected to 0V and the digital pins to either 0V or 2.4V.

    This may clear up your concerns. If you need any further assistance let me know.