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ADG442 case size

Hi, since this is my first post on analog devices forum, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Robert and i work at Michigan state university.

I am designing integrating type of light detector so i decided to use bilateral switch to reset integrating capacitor.

Now i sourced out bunch of small cmos bilateral switches and tried a lot of them, best performance regarding lowest charge injection I experienced is with ADG442.

Now since this device i'm making is really small (handheld) i prefer small case (as small as possible) so SO16 that is smallest case in which this switch is supplied will not cut in (plus i do not have a need for 3 remaining switches so they are unnecessary ballast in my case).

My question is:

Is there small case (SOT23-6 or smaller), single switch version of ADG442 or equivalent switch that would include:

  • Small charge injection ( <3pC)
  • low leakage current

Both of these parameters come from trench insulation i believe, so any device sharing same technology in really small case will do for me.

I source my components over Digikey parametric search, but Qi is not one of parameters that Digikey offers in their search filter options.

Also any other solutions is welcomed.