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ADG904 (3)

Hi Eric,

The ADG704 has 54pF ON capacitance and it might degrade signal of TCXO (limit of 10pF).

Sorry for repeating my question, I just don’t understand why the signal will be degraded – is the shunt transistors works when the switch is on?

What is the impedance of the shunt transistors? Is it 50 Ohm?

I don’t see it reasonable to have 50 Ohm on the input signal, because if it is activated when switch is on with 50 Ohm to ground then you lose 3dB ?


  • Hi Freddy,

    The shunt element will be on when the switch is off.  We have two models, one with 50ohm terminations and another that has a short to ground.  I wanted to flag it up to you incase it is important in your application.  I have seen applications where the off channel being shunted is an issue.