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ADG441 Implementation

I am having trouble getting the ADG441 to work properly and want to confirm that my setup is correct. To test the chip, I made the following connections:

analog ground/0v to GND

-9v to Vss

+9v to Vdd

0.5v 1KHz sine wave to S1

Logic input of 0v or 5v to IN1

No matter if I give IN1 0v or 5v, the signal received at D1 is always the same signal connected to S1. What am I doing wrong in my setup that is preventing the switch from opening?  

  • Hi Jody,

    Are you using pull up or pull down resistors on the logic input?  It would be worth changing the resistor value if you are.  Note for the ADG441, when the logic is low the SPST switch should be on.  Also worth testing using a  DC signal at first on S1 as the simplest use case.