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2.5A Load Switch

I'm looking for a load switch capable to switch loads up to 1.25A continuous and 2.5A pulsed for 0.5 seconds.

The device is also used as inrush current limiter.

Recently, I ordered an evaluation board for the ADP197 load switch (6-Ball WLCSP package).

According to the datasheet, this device should be able to switch loads up to 3A continuous.

However, when I switch a load of 1.5A (3.3 Ohm at 5V supply), the device already breaks down immediately after the first time a short pulse (60ms) is given on the enable pin.

The device is connected according to fig. 6 in UG-228 with a load of 3.3 Ohm, the enable pin is connected to a function generator that creates a single pulse of 60ms.

Measurement result:

Yellow: Enable

Blue: Vin

Red: Vout

Is it possible to explain why the ADP197 breaks down?

Is there an alternative part that is better suitable for this purpose?