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2.5A Load Switch

I'm looking for a load switch capable to switch loads up to 1.25A continuous and 2.5A pulsed for 0.5 seconds.

The device is also used as inrush current limiter.

Recently, I ordered an evaluation board for the ADP197 load switch (6-Ball WLCSP package).

According to the datasheet, this device should be able to switch loads up to 3A continuous.

However, when I switch a load of 1.5A (3.3 Ohm at 5V supply), the device already breaks down immediately after the first time a short pulse (60ms) is given on the enable pin.

The device is connected according to fig. 6 in UG-228 with a load of 3.3 Ohm, the enable pin is connected to a function generator that creates a single pulse of 60ms.

Measurement result:

Yellow: Enable

Blue: Vin

Red: Vout

Is it possible to explain why the ADP197 breaks down?

Is there an alternative part that is better suitable for this purpose?

  • Hi Peter,

    Sorry for the delayed reply on this, it seems to have fallen through the cracks. It isn't clear to me what the issue could be from the plots, it seems to be normal device operation assuming all eval board connections are correct.

    Our load switch portfolio actually falls under power management so it would be best to post this query in the power management forum where some of our load switch experts may have some inputs/recommendations.

    Power By Linear