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ADG712 specification

Hello there,

I want to use the ADG712BRUZ  @ 40 mA  3.3v 70C with 5 ms pulse.

Presently we are using the the ADG1612, same conditions.

The problem is that in the ADG1612 specification, rev b, page 7 table 5,

we can see that at 125C,  Vdd=3.3v, Imax = 70mA?!?

This table is not available for the ADG712BRUZ?!? What can we assume?

Question: CAN WE USE THE ADG712 AT 40 mA ( if a single channel is used)?

PLease advise,


  • Hi Teodor,

    In the Absolute Maximum Ratings (Table 3) of the data sheet, it shows that the maximum continuous current that S or D can handle is 30mA at 25C. At 70C, the maximum continuous current would be less again.

    So the answer would be that you would not be able to use the ADG712 to carry 40mA of current.

    I would recommend the ADG812 as it can carry 300mA of current at 25C.