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Question about top silk of ADG453


My customer uses ADG453BRZ-REEL7, but they can confirm 2 type of top silk on ADG453.

One is ADG453BRZ and others are ADGBR on Top.

But as on the reel, boths are ADG453BRZ devices.

Q1) Would you confirm contents in pictures on top of device and Reel?

       Please refer below pictures and let me know the reason why these differences are existed.

1. Date Code: #1216/ Mark on Top: ADG453BRZ

1-1) Picture of Device

1-2) Picture of Reel (Philippines / USA /ADG453BRZ-REEL7)

2. Date Code: #1401,1502,1422 / Mark on Top: ADG453BR

2-1) Pictures of Devices (Date Code: #1401,1502,1422 / Mark on Top: ADG453BR)

2-2) Pictures of Reels (China / Ireland / ADG453BRZ-REEL7)

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