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need pspice model for ADG708


     can anyone offer a pspice model for ADG708?



  • Hi SUN,

    Sorry for the late response. There are no available spice model for ADG708 yet.

    However, you may use the ADG658 spice model. It is also an 8-1 mux, has 45 ohms On Resistance, dual supply with Vdd of +5V and Vss of -5V, BBM of 50ns, and charge injection of 2pC.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi May,

           Thanks for the reply. I have bought and tested some ADG608,ADG708 and ADG658. turns out that for the applicaiton scenario of switching between ch1 and ch2 at 3.2MHz, when CH1 is a 300KHz sine wave and CH2 is DC 2.5V, they all result in a dynamic crosstalk of over -50dB. Maybe it is just inpossible to make it under -60dB, I think this restricted the ultilization of ADI's MUXes in high speed ultrasonar data aquisition applications.

    Feng Sun