Harmonic Distortion ADV3221


Is there data avalible of the Harmonic Distortion ADV3221.

In the datasheet there is a graphic of the ADV3222  (figurer 49) not the ADV3221.

The frecuency of interest is 100KHz..10MHz.

Thanks in advance,

Ronald Dekker

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  • Hi, Ronald.

    Regardless of gain, the harmonic distortion is still the same. It might reduce about 1dBc and that is just negligible. ADV3221 and ADV3222 woud have the same plot as long as the test setup of harmonic distortion is the same (ex. Vout=1Vpp for both gain 1 and 2).

    Harmonic distortion would increase as the frequency increases. When your output also reached the rails or near the rail then the distortion would also increase.

    I can't provide you the plot of the ADV3221 but basically they would almost be the same.



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