crosspoint-switch  AD8112  audio signal quality?


I am starting this discussion, since I haven't found anything in the forum regarding the crosspoint switches.

I am looking for one with very good audio performances, therefore I've chosen this one with a very good THD+N specification of 0.002% @20kHz , Rload=600Ohm, V=20V p-p.

Now my question would be: how good is it actually? how much it alters an original analog signal?


Is the presented THD+N value the worst possible and is it applying for the whole human hearing domain 20Hz to 20kHz?


How does its audio quality change if a load resistance of 10kOhm is applied to it?

Is there any alternative of a smaller chip, e.g. 4x4 Array, with the same or better audio performances?

Thank you in advance for your


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