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ADG2188 usage


I am planning to use ADG2188B device for video selection.

My requirement is as below.

I have 6 composite video inputs with SD-PAL/NTSC standard. I want to select any 2 videos based on my internal logic.

So I will connect X0 to X5 to input video sources. I will take the output from Y0 and Y2 to video decoder adv7182.

Again, I want to have the processed PAL/NTSC video to be duplicated from the board at the output.

I want to connect the video encoder adv7341 output to X7 and have the duplicated output @ Y5 and Y7.

The attached pdf represents the block level approach for my requirement.

Can you please suggest me, whether this approach will work fine?

Even for this approach, can I use single +5V supply or I should use +/-5V?

Also, I want to know how much current consumption will be there for this approach. If +/-5V to be used, then I have to select the appropriate inverting regulator for this IC.

Also, what should be the connection for unused ports?

Waiting for your quick response.

With Regards,

Hariprasad Bhat