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ADG5206 bare die


Currently we are using ADG5206 (LFCSP_WQ package) and we are looking for ways to decrease the required footprint per channel. One way would be using bare dies. As there is a list of "as bare die" available products (  ) we are curious if there is a way to get the ADG5206 as well as bare die or if we have to switch to ADG506A which seems to perform a bit worse (less voltage supply span, higher resistance, higher charge injection)? And if ADG506A is the only viable solution: are they really available as bare die as in the online shop the bare die version is currently not listed?

Our basic goal ist to multiplex 64:1 currents of up to 5-10 mA and voltagesupplies as high as possible (44V would be nice to have but 33V will do it too).

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