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ADG904 - Transcient voltage, lightning test



The input of the circuit is a multiplexer ADG904.

It is protected by a specific protection system based on TVS to limit the lignthing waves which may subject the circuit.


The input level specified in the datasheet of ADG904 is very low.
The maximum input rated voltage is 2.8V.


We get a transient voltage of 7V for 100 ns !
It's very short, but I can't conclude whether this has an impact on the component.


I need clearly to know what consequence a surge  can lead to the multiplexer.


Where can i find the transcient tolerance ? Maybe the foundry have this information....


If womebody can help about transcient....


Thanks !



  • Thank you for responding !

    Indeed, I always tend to think in energy ...

    bad news !

    Do you know how to find the transient tolerances accepted on this silicon technology ? it would be interesting to specify them later...


  • Hi Yoann,

    Maximum voltage you can apply in stress conditions to input is VDD +0.3V which is 3.05V which is stated in max ratings table.

    ADG904 has ESD rating of 1KV HBM. The time duration of HBM pulse is 150ns.

    Can you please tell me how much current the 7V pulse is carrying. If the current is low (in uA or few mA) the part may be fine.