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ADG731 not Daisy chainable without  Dout ?

Hi analog Team I am happy the the 32:1 analog multiplexer of yours. Much more possibilities than the ADG738 8:1 mux.

However ADG738 has a Dout pin that permits a Daisy chain well described in the datasheet. But how on earth didn't you use one of the NC-pin (Not Conneced, or testable pin of yours, who knows..) in order to output the spi-data wire ?!

Am I the only one who need to multiplex two times 128-pin into one ? I doubt.

What solution do i still have. Yeah, 8 chip select on 8 ADG731 to drive my 128-differential signals.

I would have prefer to use one ChipSelect (or |SYNC as you call it). I know Daisy chain has its drawback, but at least you could provide it.

My real question is : by any chance, is there one of the 8-NC pin #[15,16,20,21,22,44,42,41] that is in fact the Dout ?

Thanks in advance for anyone answer.