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Replacement of Photorelay

Dear ADIer

Is there any solution to succesively replace Photorelay (TPL3231 or TPL3240) from Toshiba?

My target application is focused on ATE...


  • Hi Avraka,

    We don't have Photomos relays in our catalogue but what voltages/currents are you working with?



  • Dear EricC

    Sorry for my late reply for your query.

    Customers requirements for high speed analog switch are as following.

    1. Output capacitance : Max. 10pF

    2. On Resistance : 0.5ohm 

    3. Current : 50mA

    4. Voltage : 5V or 10V

    5. Leakage Current : as low as possible. Need to define more detail

    ADG811/2 is my first consideration to replace Photorelay, but some of parameters cannot meet the customers requiremets..


  • Hi Avraka,

    The requirements are different to get in a single switch.  The ADG8xx series are the lowest Ron switches we have and would satisfy the 0.5ohm requirement but if the input voltage needs to be 10V then this series is not suitable.  If 5V can be used then you should consider the ADG801.  But it would not have low enough capacitance, its capacitance is 420pF.  Remember for CMOS switches, the lower the Ron the higher the Capacitance, they go in opposite directions.  So it is very hard to get say a 0.5ohm Ron switch will low Capacitance like 10pF.  A low capacitance switch like ADG611 (5pF) would be good but its Ron is 85ohms typical and current rated to 10mA only. 

    Are there any trade off's possible in these specs?  How about the ADG741 as a compromise option.  2ohms Ron, 38pF on capacitance, 5V ok, 0.01nA typical leakage, 30mA max current rating. 



  • Dear HarryH / EricC

    Thanks for your comments in advance.

    I have a few customers whose products are using a photo-relay in the ATE. Some of them are mine but some is not mine.  I tried to promote ADI's Mems RF Switch to those ATE customers at first, because it seems good for bandwitdth, leakage current and capacitance..But It's too expensive. That is what I looking for proper ADI Parts.

    Anyway, I'll refer to your comments for analog switchs because I have the others customers who want to replace Photo-relay to silicon analog switch in her ATE porject in order to reduce material cost...Her first considerations are TS5A23159DGSR(TI) / NX3L2467PW(NXP).