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searching better leakage current than ADG701


I am searching for a replacement for the ADG701.
There are two relevant points:

1.) Better or equal leakage current.

2.) More than one switch in the package.

It will be used switching gain resistors in a photodiode TIA. See the picture!

I need a flat on resistance which wont disturb the lower 100k and a low leakage for the 10M resistor.

I have done tests with the ADG701 and we are not allowed to get worse with leakage!

I assume that we have some problems with leakage temp drift, so I need a better part.

The ADG701 datasheet has only typical 10pA, but says nothing about min/max oder full temp.

You have several switches which are equal to typ 10pA, but these devices show relatively large currents in the min/max or full temp statement.

I would like to have 2, 3 or 4 switches in one case. So I found the ADG711.

Please tell me, is the leakage better, worse or equall?

I have red that all leakage comes from the ESD diodes on source and drain.
So I assume, that devices made for lower currents have smaller diodes and therefore have lower leakage currents.


Getting better leakage values is more important than the number of switches in one package!

Thanks a lot!

Regards, Kai Toennies