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Analog Signal Range and Power Supply Voltage

Hello expert,

I have a question on ADG802 and all these SPST switch. In the datasheet, it says the Vs should be from 0 to Vdd V. Does it mean that the maximum voltage can be controlled by this switch is below Vdd which is around 5V?

Or I could apply any voltage but just need to make sure the current on the on-resistor in below the current limit which is 100 mA?

If it is the first case, could you please give me any suggestion on low support voltage with high switch voltage/current switch. I know there are some digital-input serializer(DIS) like TI SN65HVS883(SN65HVS883 34 V, Eight-Channel Digital-Input Serializer | ) which can be used for MCU control high voltage circuit. However, that is too big and I don't need 8 channel. Do you have similar product which is fitting for my requirement?