Looking for bilateral switch

Hi all.

I'm looking for the chip, which would be at least two bilateral switch (or more). The switching frequency of the signal up to 100MHz (or more). Key resistance above 20 Ohms. The power supply voltage – any (3.3 V, 5V, etc.). And most importantly – to the control signal into key chains with the weakening of the more than 50-60dB! This is the most important parameter! There are such chips?

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  • Hi Victor,

    Unfortunately, the selection of low voltage CMOS switches was not characterized for digital feedthrough. As mentioned above, crosstalk is defined as the measure of unwanted signals from one analog channel to another analog channel.

    We do have the ADGS1412, a Quad SPST switch with SPI interface working with single supplies from 5V min to 20V max. The ADGS1412 has low on resistance however, -3dB bandwidth is up to 130MHz for single supply operation. Digital feedthrough was also characterized for this part, shown below.

    We also have the ADG904 which is an RF switch and is characterized for digital feedthough for even higher frequencies. However the ADG904 is operational at single supply from 1.65V to 2.75V only and on resistance was not specified.

    You may click on the highlighted texts below and it will direct you to the page of the switches I'm referring to.

    Hope this helps.

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