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ADV3205 Questions:  1) Datasheet typo? 2) What is the minimal setup?


I have two questions about the ADV3205 16x16 analog crosspoint switch.

1) I would like a clarification about how data is clocked using the serial mode. If I well understood, in serial mode we need to clock 80 data inputs (LOW or HIGH), which correspond to 16 output pins x 5 bits (D4 down to D0) representing the input pin number (D3 to D0) and the pin state (D4). So, in other words we need to clock the data as this:

OUT15_D4, OUT15_D3, OUT15_D2.... OUT15_D0 ...... all the way down to .......  OUT0_D4, OUT0_D3...OUT0_D0.

 However, if you take a look at the datasheet, at page 4 (Timing characteristics for serial mode) the first data in seems to be OUT7_D4. Is this simply a typo or do I understood incorrectly how data is clocked? Here the link to the datasheet: 

2) I am testing several crosspoint switches to check the output resistance (Ron) between two pins. For devices such as the AD75019 it was quite easy to achieve a minimal setup for testing the resistance. However, I am struggling to get the ADV3205 to work. Is there a minimal setup to test the resistance say between the IN0 pin and the OUT15? For instance, do I have to connect all the AGND pins, or the AVCCxx/yy or the AVEExx/yy pins, or I can simply focus on the pins I want to test? In other words, say I only want to connect IN0 and OUT15, what is the minimal connection setup needed to test the Ron of these two pins? If you could share a schematic it would be fantastic. 

Thank you very much!


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